Wetlands & Water

Working With Wetlands

Whether you are a resource company, a large scale land developer, a private land owner, or a non-profit group we can help you with navigating wetland policies and acts.

Are you disturbing a wetland? You may need an approval

We have expertise completing WAIF (wetland assessment and impact form) and WAIR (wetland assessment and impact report) applications, as they are becoming more common and often required for activities which will disturb wetlands on public and private land.

Identifying a wetland can be tricky, we can help

Using our experienced field team and the most advanced technology such as remote sensing and UAVs, we identify and delinate wetlands accuractly and quickly. We use unique approaches which have realized real advantages for our various clients and their projects.

We can ensure compliance when working around wetlands

Measuring and assessing the bio-physical conditions of a site is very important for reclamation planning and due diligence. Flora and fauna assessments, rare plant species identification, and senstive species surveys are some of the areas we cover when working with wetlands

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