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Water Management
Water Act Applications

We have the expertise needed to complete water act and water diversion applications and get your permits to allow your projects to move forward. End-pit lake designs are common practices for mine reclamation which we have experience designing.

Water Licences

If your site or operations require access to water you will likely need to have a water licence. TerraShift can guide you through the process of acquiring and maintaining a licence with the government and local water management boards.

Water Sampling

We provide cost-effective water sampling and monitoring programs to ensure your operations or sites are meeting design criteria and water quality is not affected. Whether it is basic surface water sampling or complex piezometer installation, we can help.

Hydrological Modelling

Surface and subsurface modelling of water systems can be very important to understand the risks and challenges of an operation or site. TerraShift uses topographic data, water level measurements, and computer modelling to delineate catchment areas, basins, and groundwater conditions.

Water Management

Professional Service
Clear Results

Our team of experienced professional provide excellent service to both the public and private sector for water management requirements. We aim to provide a high quality services by empowering our clients with easy to understand results.

  • Water quality studies and reporting
  • Water management plans
  • Watershed and surface drainage modelling
  • Flood risk and stormwater management


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