Municipal Services
Serving the Public Sector & the Companies Working in Them

Monitoring Services

TerraShift can monitor your critical assets and ensure they are meeting design requirements

Water Quality Monitoring

Our team can provide monitoring to ensure tracking of water levels and quality for various requirements.

Landfill Monitoring

TerraShift can help assess and monitor landfills determine if the design is meeting requirements for containment.

Gravel Crushing

Our mobile lab can assess the quantity and quality of gravel crushing programs to ensure the end product meets specifications.

Material Testing

We provide lab testing services beyond standard sieve testing including: proctor tests, abrasion tests, permeability tests, and more.

Project Management

Management & Planning Services

Our team of experienced engineers and project managers can provide expertise and simplify the management of tendering and construction programs involving sub-contractors.

Tender Management Services

Our tendering specialist can compile tendering documentation and manage the tendering process on your behalf.

Construction Management Services

TerraShift's senior project managers have experience running construction programs ranging from 1 to 500 million dollars.

Permitting & Consultation

Development Permits & Consultations

TerraShift has year of expertise working with municipalities and companies to navigate the permitting and consultation processes.

  • Development Permits
  • Land Use Rezoning Applications
  • Public & Stakeholder Consultations