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TerraShift Engineering Ltd. is an Edmonton based consulting company focused on the sustainable development and management of land and natural resources. Our professionals and associates have over 30 years of experience working in the regulatory consulting, engineering, and environmental services sectors. Creating and maintaining our client's social licence to operate while ensuring efficient and cost effective solutions, is one of our core philosophies.

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gaps between the field, the operators, the managers, and the government when developing land and natural resources. We strive to provide unparalleled first hand consulting by equipping clients with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

our values

Our Values

Safety, ethics, and professionalism are core values of TerraShift Engineering. It is our goal to maintain a 100% incident free workplace through a system of risk management.
TerraShift Engineering is permitted to practice engineering under APEGA and APEGS and follows the Permit to Practice Management Plan outlining ethical and professional practice.

our vision

Our Vision

Looking Beyond is the vision of TerraShift. In every project, TerraShift is striving to improve and find effective solutions for our dynamic world. TerraShift's new technology and product developments are at the heart of this vision and why we are constantly innovating.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of solutions for different sectors.

Regulatory Engineering

We provide a one stop shop for mining and surface material companies looking for new resources or managing the sites already in operation.

Buildings & Structures

TerraShift can manage, inspect, remediate, and repair buildings and infrastructure to ensure its safe for the occupants and performing as required.

Stakeholder Consultation

TerraShift provides consultation services for for First Nation groups and industry as well as private land owners to ensure all values are accounted.

UAV & Advanced Mapping

Our drones can provide aerial imagery and volumetric surveys combined with advanced mapping technology, project management dashboards, and custom web mapping applications.

Environmental Assessments

We can provide assistance navigating wetland policies, conducting wetland impact assessements, water sampling, soil surveys, and pre-disturbance assessments.

Engineering on Demand

This unique program provides companies the advantage of having a cost effective scalable engineering department. Big or small there is a package that works.

By the Numbers

Since the start of TerraShift, the team has put up some impressive numbers.


Acres of Approved Exploration Leases


Acres Explored


Drillholes Analyzed


% On Budget

office and field

Our Work

Below are some the projects TerraShift has been involved in the past


Competitor tracking application and advanced web mapping

Pit Drainage Model

UAV survey to build pit drainage model

Gravel Pit Reserves

Modelling gravel pit to determine reserves

Aggregate Valuation

Determination of aggregate volumes and value

Wetland Assessment

Survey to delineate wetlands on private land

Peatland Identification

Program to identify and delineate areas for Peat harvesting

Wetland Assessment

Wetland assessment for public land development

Peat Bog Modelling

Determining tree cover and height on peat bog


TerraShift Alberta Aggregate Potential Layer

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