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Mission - Vision - Values
Our Mission

We bridge the gaps between the field, the operators, the managers, and the government when developing land and natural resources. We strive to provide unparalleled first hand consulting by equipping clients with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Our Vision

Looking Beyond is the vision of TerraShift. In every project, TerraShift is striving to improve and find effective solutions for our dynamic world. TerraShift's new technology and product developments are at the heart of this vision and why we are constantly innovating.

Our Values

Safety, ethics, and professionalism are our core values and we aim maintain a 100% incident free workplace through risk management. TerraShift is permitted to practice engineering and follows a Permit to Practice Management Plan outlining ethical, professional practice.

" We strive to ensure our clients and their businesses are setup to succeed by focusing on operations and through the use of unqiue technologies"

Paul Leveille C.T.O.

" By leveraging our teams knowledge of the regulatory policies TerraShift is able to maintain low costs for our clients with excellent success rates "

Janeen Ogloza VP of Engineering & Technical Services

" TerraShift Engineering is poised for growth and continues to provide high-quality solutions for our diverse client base. "

Iain Munro President

Our team is responsible for
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