Peat Harvesting
Finding Deposits

Prospecting & Exploration

We can assist your company develop peat resources required for your operations through our proven peat exploration process!
See our proven 4 step peat exploration process

Step 1: Remote Sensing & Identification

We use advanced remote sensing technology and our GIS specialists to identify targets for peat exploration potential. We can even provide estimates of peat depths from desktop analysis through the use of our topographic analysis processes.

Step 2: Exploration Permitting

Our lands team have years of experience navigating the approvals process to acquire exploration permits for peat in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Step 3: Russian Peat Auger Sampling

Once the exploration permit is approved, TerraShift provides professional peat sampling services. Our team has completed exploration of over 50,000 hectares and over 1,000 testholes. We collect full detail of the peat profile including:

  • von Post measurements
  • pH values
  • Full length pictures of the testhole samples

Step 4: Resource Modelling

To understand whether a site should be further pursued, we provide resource volume and quality modelling services. Our professionals have developed unique and tested techniques to give you the information to make an informed decision.


Exploration Permits


Acres Explored


m3 Resources Discovered
Peat Permitting

Peat Operation Applications

Our team can help turn your peat resource into a harvesting operation

Peat Professionals

Let's turn your peat resource into a harvesting operation!

The professionals at TerraShift have years of experience working in the peat industry and can provide your company the expertise required to get a harvesting operation approved.

  • Drainage & Ditching Plans
  • Operation Scheduling
  • Regulatory Applications
  • Water Sampling
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Wetland Assessments
  • First Nation Consultation
  • Community Engagement

We employ knowledgable engineers, biologists, and agrologists to deliver a professional service at reasonable rates.