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Automated Drafting

Utilizing advanced drafting and GIS techniques we are able to automate the drafting processes for disposition applications, site planning, and various other tasks.

Remote Sensing

By satellite data and powerful advanced computer techniques together, we are able to offer remote sensing analysis allowing our clients to make faster, more informed decisions.

Data Analytics

Combining the power of big data and gis we are able to complete analysis and deliver insights to our clients allowing them to make smarter business decisions.

Remote Sensing

See more using satellites
and remote sensing

We have successfully used remote sensing techniques and semi-automatic classification systems to help our clients:

  • Locate and delineate wetlands and peat deposits
  • Determine water saturation levels of soils
  • Crop and reclamation revegetation growth

Data driven intelligence
using data analytics

By collecting and processing large quantities of data we have been able to successfully provide insights on

  • Sand and Gravel Potential

    The TerraShift Alberta Aggregate Potential layer analyzed over 275,000 drillholes

  • Application Activity Reporter

    The application tracker processes over 300,000 records every week giving unique insight into what's happening


Gigabytes of Data


Data Layers


Custom Maps