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Service Options

We offer a number of different services for mining companies large and small.

Resource Estimation

Drillhole and geo-statistical analysis, geological modelling, material sampling, and material testing are just some of expertise we can provide.

Operation & Reclamation Planning

From life of mine to weekly mine plans for material movement, stockpile placement, and reclamation we can provide the level of detail you need.

Compliance Monitoring

Ensuring an operation is maintaining compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal law is very important to preventing penalties and fines.

Safety & Risk Management

We provide companies with the tools to help maintian a safe working environment and managing the risks associated with mining.

Community Relations

We help companies communicate and work with the public to create and maintain their social licence to operate, which is needed for today's mining operations.

Water & Wetland Studies

Whether its water sampling, watershed analysis, flood mapping, or navigating the tricky world of wetland policies; TerraShift is there.

Wildlife & Vegetation

We provide assistance to companies requiring wildlife surveys, vegetation surveys, weed assessments, and planning for reclamation purposes.

Site Optimization

Determining optimal bench heights, calculating truck-shovel match numbers, and equipment selection are just some of the areas we can help maximize effieciency.

Drone Surveying

We utilize cutting edge drone technology to provide up-to-date topographic maps, high resolution airphotos, volumetric stockpile surveys, and reclamation monitoring.

We Specialize In

Below are just some of the commodities which we work with.