Technology Driven Simplicity

See our menu of our templated services that we can provide to you at a flat rate!

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Annual Returns

Let us deal with the annual returns for your aggregate sites for a flat rate. We have automated the process to make this a simple task.

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5 Year Reports

Completing a 5 year report can be done in no time with our automated 5 year report builder.

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Stockpile Surveys

We provide high accuracy stockpile drone surveys at a flat rate. No additional fees guaranteed!

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Aggregate Prospecting

Give us an area of interest and we will find utilize our TAAP layer and high resolution LIDAR to find the top prospecting areas.

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Exploration Permits (SME)

Get an exploration permit (SME) for a flat rate guaranteed. We also split the payment so we don't get paid in full until you have your approval.

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SMLs & Activity Plans

Based on what is required, we have a solution for you. All parts of SMLs and Activity Plans have fixed price points and have been automated for quick turn arounds.