How it works?

Engineering-On-Demand Service Package

  • The service package is an annual subscription to an engineering team.
  • A flat monthly fee is charged:
    • A majority is held as a retainer.
    • A small portion is used to cover admin costs.

  • Retainer covers work up to 200 hours in the year without additional costs.
  • Beyond 200 hours, work is charged at a preferred rate which lowers as your hours increase.

The Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of Engineering-On-Demand.

Predictable Billing

With a simple monthly fee you are able to plan your consulting expenses easier and spread them over the course of a year. This reduces your stress and makes your life easier.

Scalable Services

You don't have to worry about increasing work loads requiring you to find more people to assist in the work. We take care of that! The service package scales up and down to meet your needs.

Preferred Rates

When you sign up, you automatically get a discounted hourly rate which can equate to major savings over the year. This means smaller bills and no longer having to hesitate to give the consultant a call.

Loyalty Benefits

We believe in rewarding our clients who continuously use our services by reducing our hourly rate throughout the year as we work together.

Like What You Hear?

Contact us to sign-up or if you have additional questions!