Our Services

We offer a number of environmental services applicable to many sectors.

Water Act Applications

We have the expertise needed to complete water act and water diversion applications and get your permits to allow your projects to move forward. End-pit lake designs are common practices for mine reclamation which we have experience designing.

Wetland Applications

We can assist in clients with WAIF (wetland assessment and impact form) and WAIR (wetland assessment and impact report) applications, as they are becoming more common and are typically required for all water act applications.

Wetland Identification

Using the most advanced technology possible we identify and delinate wetlands using both remote sensing techniques and field assessments. We use unique approaches which have realized real advantages for our various clients and projects.

Water Sampling

We provide a cost effective water sampling and monitoring programs to ensure all approval requirements are followed to maintain a company's social licence to operate. Whether it is basic surface water sampling or piezometer installations we can help.

Site Assessments

Soil sampling and analysis are often required with development planning and permiting. Measuring and calculating undisturbed, disturbed, and reclaimed areas provide key performance indicators for measuring your operations productivity.

Hydrological Modelling

Surface and subsurface modelling of water systems can be very important to knowing the risks and challenges that operating in an area may present. TerraShift uses topographic data, water level measurments, and computer modelling to delineate catchment areas, basins, and ground water conditions.

Bio-Physical Assessments

Measuring and assessing the bio-physical conditions of a site is very important for reclamation planning and due diligence. Flora and fauna assessments, rare plant species identification, and senstive species surveys are some of the areas we cover.