Our Services

Below are some of the areas which we have areas of expertise and can provide guidance.

First Nation Consultation

We value the rights of First Nation and Metis people and have experience conducting consultation with groups across Western Canada to address concerns.

Landowner Consultation

Consulting with landowners can be a highly sensitive activity. We provide a means of allowing us to provide an approach which make the consultation process easier.

Stakeholder Consultation

Development often requires the buy in from the local community. We provide stakeholder engagement services which include information sessions and question and answer open houses.

Land Regulatory Education

In addition to consultation, we provide educational and informational services to better understand the regulatory requirments on public and private lands.

Environmental Reporting

When groups require a third party to provide reporting on the impacts to the environment from an activity, TerraShift can provide the transparency and objectivity needed.

Industry and Landuse Consultation

Whether you need a consent from a Forest Management company, Grazing Lease holder, or another disposition or lease holder; we can provide guidance for you or your company.