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Resource Development

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We can provide access to the systems and expertise required for finding potential sites, the required exploration authorizations, the drilling professionals to complete exploration, and the facilties for material testing.

  • Remote sensing technology for locating potential exploration sites
  • Public land disposition applications (SME)
  • Pre-exploration planning, mapping, and safety management
  • Drilling programs using flighted augers, direct push, and test pits
  • Material testing of samples including:
    • Sieve testing of aggregates to develop grain size distribution
    • Peat classification using the von Post scale of decomposition

The estimation of materials using geological models and spatial statistics are key to better understanding the resources available for development.

  • Geological modelling using testhole data
  • Delineation of geological formations
  • Geostatistical analysis of sample data
  • Material volume estimation of resources

We can provide the pre-disturbance assessments which can be required as part of disposition applications and surface material plans such as CRBP's and AP's. Predisturbance assessments are completed using desktop and field studies.

  • Vegetation and rare plant species inventories and surveys
  • Wildlife inventories and surveys
  • Soil surveys and studies
  • Hydrological review of drainage paths and basins

We can provide assistance acquiring public land dispositions such as an SME, SML, SMC, DLO, or MSL, which can require:

  • First Nations Consultations
  • Historical Resources Impact Assessments
  • Sketch Plans
  • Plan Supplements
  • Plan Confirmations
  • Legal Land Surveys
  • Site Assessments

For surface material development (gravel, sand, clay, etc.) on public land, Conservation Reclamation Business Plans (CRBP) are required before operations can begin. On Private land, the developers of pits greater than 5 hectares are required an Activity Plan (AP) under the Code of Practice for Pits. We are able to complete CRBP's and AP's which can require the following:

  • Surface Material Exploration
    • Test holes and test pits
    • Evaluation of geology and groundwater conditions
    • Laboratory analysis
  • Land Use Investigations
    • Land use and management plans
    • Impacts to other land users/owners
    • Protected areas
  • Biophysical Investigation
    • Wildlife surveys
    • Vegetation surveys
    • Soil survey and analysis
    • Historical resources
  • Development Planning
    • Pit size, configuration, and design
    • Development sequencing
    • Timber and soil management
  • Operations Planning
    • Aggregate washing
    • Crushing and screening
    • Surface and groundwater management
    • Erosion, dust, and weed control measures
    • Safety and Security
    • Site Management
  • Reclamation Planning
    • Proposed land use
    • Soil salvage, use, and replacement
    • Drainage pattern design
    • Revegetation and weed control
    • Reclamation security estimate

We have the knowledge, expertise, and technology required to obtain water act authorizations which can require some of the following:

  • Drainage flow path analysis using GIS technology
  • Catchment area delineation and measurement
  • Watercourse crossing approval
  • End-Pit lake design

Regulatory Compliance

Select any of the topics below to learn more about some of the Regulatory Compliance services TerraShift provides.

We can provide the services required to renew and amend dispositions as well as:

  • Automated monitoring of disposition expiration dates
  • Monitoring and maintenance of operations through the compliance module

Water management is typically the most challenging aspects of resource development and is often a key issue raised by regulatory bodies. We can provide access to resources such as:

  • Water sampling for base levels and operations monitoring
  • Monitoring wells and piezometers
  • Hydrological studies of groundwater systems and operational impacts
  • Water Act Applications

We can complete disturbance assessments of a disposition or operation which are required for 5 year reports and other applications.

  • GPS measurements of undisturbed, disturbed, and reclaimed areas
  • Vegetation assessments and weed identification
  • Wildlife surveys and inventories

5 Year reports are required to maintain compliance of Class I pits (private land). We can help an operation maintain its compliance by:

  • Reviewing the Activity Plan
  • Completing a disturbance assessment
  • Updating to the Activity Plan if required
  • Completing and submission of reports

We can provide drone and site surveying of areas including services such as:

  • Topographic mapping
  • High resolution orthophotos
  • Reclamation, vegetation, and noxious weed assessments
  • Volumetric stockpile surveys with centimeter accuracy
  • Thermal mapping and multispectral surveys
  • Surveying capacity of 40 to 50 acres per hour

Failing to properly plan reclamation is not only costly, but can create barriers in receiving approvals for future developments. We help operators plan responsible reclamation and develop their social licence to operate for future approvals through:

  • End land use planning with stakeholder input
  • Landform design and contouring
  • Successive reclamation planning
  • Vegetation management
  • Maintenance and reclamation monitoring
  • Reclamation Certification

Cloud Based Technology

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