Our Services

We offer a number of services in advanced geomatics and geospatial technology.


TerraShift has spent thousands of hours developing an innovative project management dashboard, custom web map, market analyzer, and competition monitor.

Automated Drafting

Utilizing advanced drafting and GIS techniques we are able to automate the drafting processes for disposition applications, site planning, and various other tasks.

Remote Sensing

By bringing more data and powerful advanced computer modelling together, we are able to offer remote sensing analysis allowing our clients to make faster, more informed decisions.

UAV Surveying

We use drone technology to capture elevation data, aerial imagery, and vegetation data for mine sites, oil and gas operations, agriculture, forest and wetland studies, ESA's and more.

Geological Modelling

We have implemented advanced geological modelling techniques including geostatistics and automated drillhole analysis providing faster turnaround and more informative and accurate models.

Our Work

Below are some of the custom and proprietary GIS products that we have developed. For additional information or if you would like to have a custom layer developed don't hesitate to give us a call.

TerraMaps | What is this?

  • Affordable, user-friendly application that provides up-to-date information on Alberta's industries
  • Customizable online mapping tool, disposition application tracker, and competitor reports
  • See environmental restrictions and operational concerns such as pipelines quickly and easily
  • Stay in the know by tracking when and where the competition is applying
How much does it cost?
  • $100/month (monthly subscription)*
  • $1,000/year (annual subscription)*
  • *GST not included

TerraShift Alberta Aggregate Potential Layer (TAAP)

  • This layer identifies the aggregate potential throughout all of Alberta on a quarter section basis
  • Developed using existing geological models and surficial drillhole database of over 250,000 holes
  • Layer is able to estimate relative potential of aggregate deposists (high to low)
  • Identifies material types, qualities, gravel/sand thickness, overburden thickness, and stripping ratio

Alberta Aggregate Restriction Area

  • Collection of all regions and areas with limitations, restrictions, and moratoriums on aggregate extraction into one layer
  • Layer distiguishes each region with the reasons and time restrictions in which surface materials can be extracted
  • Allows aggregate developers to identify areas with problems before application and expending time and money
  • TerraMap users are able to access the layer online